What are the advantages and disadvantages of extroverts?

What are the advantages and disadvantages of extroverts? 3

Unlike introverts – who always feel comfortable and at ease when alone, extroverts often feel happier and happier when connected to people around them.


1. Easily make friends

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Extroverts are very good at starting conversations with others.

Easily connecting with people is an advantage because it helps you expand your circle of connections.

2. Extroverts are easy to develop, have many opportunities to explore and access many benefits in society

What are the advantages and disadvantages of extroverts?

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Extroverts tend to be more approachable and enjoy more social benefits.

For example, introverts always actively experience all activities around them such as: going to the gym, performances, parties, sporting events… from there, they have the opportunity to interact with many people.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of extroverts?


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3. Having many good relationships helps them develop in their career

Extroverts tend to work very well in the political field, they can do things like organize events, run campaigns, campaign for elections or show their influence in public.

Similarly, in the business field, with an open personality and skillful communication skills, extroverts easily create many relationships, helping them easily learn new knowledge or cooperate with friends.

4. Ability to speak fluently and communicate well

What are the advantages and disadvantages of extroverts?

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Extroverts do not feel shy in front of crowds and can freely present and express their ideas, thoughts and feelings fluently without prior preparation.

5. Extroverts are very predictable

Because extroverts easily express their desires and thoughts without having to beat around the bush, be reserved or shy, people around them feel very close and easy to work with them.

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1. Difficulty building intimate relationships

What are the advantages and disadvantages of extroverts?

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Although extroverts have a lot of friends, most relationships stop at a social level.

What are the advantages and disadvantages of extroverts?

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2. Less trusted

By nature, introverts are often more trustworthy because they are quite meticulous and cautious.

If you are an extrovert and often encounter this problem, communicate sincerely and maintain credibility so that people not only feel that you are an energetic and friendly person but also very trustworthy to have.

3. Easy to make unnecessary mistakes

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Because extroverts are always agile in speech, language, and even in daily activities, they are easy to make unnecessary mistakes.

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4. There may be some risks from outside

While introverts often stay at home to recharge their batteries, extroverts seek joy and comfort in outdoor activities.

5. Emotions are easily influenced by others

Happiness for an extrovert can depend on the people around them.

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