The shape of love

The shape of love 2

Amid the outrage directed at those who caused Van An’s death these days, another piece of news has drifted away from the focus of public opinion.

It is not difficult to condemn those who are truly cruel and intentionally hurt and torture children in the name of `teaching`.

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I can tell readers examples that I have heard confide in as a teacher.

One of my students claims to be quite hyperactive and inattentive, and every time he makes a mistake, he gets spanked.

“Every time my parents hit me, I just wonder why they have to be so harsh with me, do they really love me?”

One of my students said that when he was in 4th grade, because he got a bad score on a test in a subject he was always good at, his parents got angry and scolded him and punished him by closing the door and kicking him out into the common hallway.

The shape of love

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And in another case, a student with an excellent academic record said that although he studied very well, he hardly knew what his plans were for the future.

The shape of love

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I choose to tell these stories so we can see that children’s trauma is not always observable.

The shape of love

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Of the four types of child abuse mentioned above, sexual abuse and neglect are perhaps easy to make people angry because they already stand on the line between right and wrong.

“My parents told me, when I grow up, I will understand that they do this because they want to be good, because they love me.

Being a parent is never easy.

The shape of love

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I will end this article with a sharing that a student told me: `My parents told me, when you grow up, you will understand that your parents do this because they want to be good, because they love you.`

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