Ask ELLE: Women and invisible pressures

Ask ELLE: Women and invisible pressures 4

I am currently working at a small company, so my work is quite busy and I have a lot of responsibility.

Hi Phan Van, choosing between a small company with a comfortable working environment and a large company with many development opportunities but a little pressure is an important decision that can affect your career in the long run.

Next, listen to the voice of your heart.

There is a small note: if you want more objective assessment information, you should learn about the new company in other channels.

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Ask ELLE: Women and invisible pressures

Tips for living

Ask ELLE: Concerns about crossroads in work and relationships

This year I turn 35 and have determined not to have children.

Dear friend, thank you for sharing with ELLE this very difficult story to express.

Before thinking about getting married, you can slowly close the distance with your lover’s existing family.

Finally, and most importantly, make sure that you and your lover are always frank and honest with each other about your feelings in the relationship.

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