6 Unexpected benefits from bad habits

6 Unexpected benefits from bad habits 1

Bad habits are always something people can’t avoid in time, so why is there any benefit here?

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1. Venting anger properly is beneficial for blood pressure


Psychological research shows that anger causes people to lose many positive states and control;

2. Playing games also helps you exercise


6 Unexpected benefits from bad habits

Women play games

Scientists from the University of Miami (USA) discovered that when people are playing games, their heart rate increases and their breathing becomes more rapid, so the body consumes more energy.

3. Being a little lazy helps you live longer

Public health expert Mr.


6 Unexpected benefits from bad habits

It’s okay to be a little lazy sometimes

4. Pressure helps increase memory

Long-term stress can damage the human immune system, making you susceptible to infections.

5. `Shirking` from housework can prevent hypersensitivity

There is research that shows that hypersensitivity diseases and immune system diseases are caused by modern society being too clean!

6. Noisy music can stimulate the brain


6 Unexpected benefits from bad habits

In some cases, loud music also helps us relieve stress

Joining a rock band or turning up the volume of the music all help stimulate the brain.

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