How much will the British royal family spend on Prince Harry’s wedding?

How much will the British royal family spend on Prince Harry's wedding? 1

(Dan Tri) – Although the location, guest list and official date and time of Prince Harry and his fiancee Meghan Markle’s wedding have not yet been announced, one thing that can be certain is that the royal wedding will take place.

Prince Harry and his older fiancee made their debut after announcing their engagement

Prince Harry and his American girlfriend made their public debut at Kensington Palace on November 27 after the British Royal Family announced the couple’s wedding next spring.

According to CNN, Aimee Dunne, an expert with a lot of experience organizing luxury weddings in London (UK), said the cost for a modern royal wedding will not be less than 6 figures and that’s it.

`I don’t believe that Prince Harry and Meghan’s wedding will cost less than £500,000 (about $670,000),` Ms. Aimee said.

Who pays?

Prince Harry’s father, Prince Charles, will likely pay for most of the spring 2018 wedding costs as well as the reception, although it is customary for the new bride’s family to pay.

`Traditionally, wedding expenses are paid by the bride’s family, but that certainly won’t be the case in this case,` said Kate Williams, a historian and royal expert.

Previously, the wedding costs of Prince William, Prince Harry’s brother, and Princess Catherine were largely paid by Prince Charles.

“We have to wait and see what Meghan’s family will decide,” said historian Williams.


How much will the British royal family spend on Prince Harry's wedding?

Prince William and Princess Catherine held their wedding in 2011 (Photo: Getty)

Prince Harry and his fiancée can hold their wedding reception at one of the residences of Queen Elizabeth II or the British Royal Family.

“With a guest list of 500 people, the cost of a wedding party is at least 150,000 pounds (about 200,000 USD) or more.

Wedding dress

Prince Harry’s sweet proposal to his American girlfriend

Markle’s bride’s wedding dress will likely be made by a famous designer and the price of this dress will also be commensurate with the reputation of the designer.

Previously, Princess Catherine’s family was said to have withdrawn their wallet to pay for a lavish wedding dress from the famous brand Alexander McQueen on her wedding day with Prince William.


How much will the British royal family spend on Prince Harry's wedding?

Prince Harry attended his brother’s wedding – Prince William (Photo: AFP)

An estimated 5,000 police were mobilized to ensure security at the wedding of Prince William and Princess Catherine.

The amount of money spent on security at Prince William’s wedding has not been announced, but the British government has granted the police a special amount of money worth 3.6 million pounds (about 4.8 million USD).

If Prince Harry decides to hold his wedding in central London, the costs are expected to increase.

“Of course the current situation has changed compared to previous royal weddings, so security requirements will also be more stringent,” said expert Williams, referring to a series of terrorist attacks.

Prince Harry is currently fifth in line to the throne, which means he will have more options than Prince William in choosing a wedding venue.



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