Top 10 popular hair dryers on the market today

Top 10 popular hair dryers on the market today 3

ELLE will review the top 10 most popular hair dryers today to help you have more options on your beauty journey.

1. Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer

Dyson is a world-famous brand for its quality and beautiful design.

Intelligent heat control technology, helps prevent high temperature damage to preserve hair’s natural shine.

Dyson Supersonic Hair Dryer


Top 10 popular hair dryers on the market today

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2. Philips BHD300/10 hair dryer

Philips BHD300/10 hair dryer has a powerful 1600W capacity to dry hair quickly, with a drying mode that protects against hair damage.

Top 10 popular hair dryers on the market today

Fashionable design, elegant color with plastic outer shell that is less dirty and easy to clean.



3. PANASONIC Ionity EH-NE65-K645

Ionity EH-NE65-K645 2000W hair dryer comes from famous Japanese electronic brand – Panasonic.

Top 10 popular hair dryers on the market today

The optimal balance between drying speed and drying temperature gives you strong drying performance, saving time and energy.



4. Panasonic EH-ND11-W645

This elegant white hair dryer has a powerful capacity of 1000W to help it operate durably, and `difficult` hairstyles are now simpler than ever.

Top 10 popular hair dryers on the market today

Modern design with youthful colors, 2 drying speeds for you to choose from and an automatic shut-off mechanism when the heat is too high.



5. Panasonic EH-NA27PN645 Nanoe moisturizing hair dryer

Applying Panasonic’s exclusive Nanoe technology allows moisture-rich, ultra-fine, and small nano ion particles to penetrate deep into the hair shaft, pampering your hair.

Top 10 popular hair dryers on the market today

Exclusive Nanoe comprehensive beauty technology, with alternating strong and weak airflow mechanism, helps dry hair quickly and effectively from the roots, making hair beautiful and scalp healthy.

Panasonic EH-NA27PN645


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6. Comet CM6616 hair dryer

Compact, 2 flexible heat modes with 800W capacity, Comet CM6616 hair dryer helps you dry your hair quickly but can also help you create many hairstyles.

Equipped with an automatic power-off system when the machine shows signs of overheating, with a narrow drying head that creates strong airflow, creating many beautiful hairstyles.



7. Sunhouse SHD2306 hair dryer

Sunhouse – a household appliance brand from Vietnam.

Blowing cool wind, protecting hair, always soft and smooth with 3 convenient flexible wind modes.



8. Kangaroo KG626

Kangaroo KG626 hair dryer is designed quite compactly and can be carried to many places.

Compact and convenient design, elegant striking colors along with large capacity and ionic technology give you a shiny hair machine.

Kangaroo KG626 hair dryer


9. Nagakawa NAG1604

Equipped with a super durable heatsink and an eye-catching fashion design, Nagakawa NAG1604 is always the most popular hair dryer.

Stylish design with youthful and striking blue and copper color scheme, rubber hook at the base of the handle and foldable handle to help you conveniently use it at home or at the hotel.

Hair dryer NAGAKAWA NAG1604


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10. Kemei hair dryer km-8896

KEMEI KM-8896 professional hair dryer with super powerful 4000W capacity with two specialized hot and cold air streams suitable for all hair types.

Designed with super strong capacity and 3 smart heat levels to help the machine automatically stop when the temperature is too hot.



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