How does stress affect quality of life?

How does stress affect quality of life? 3

Stress is a very natural reaction in life.

Here are signs that stress is affecting your quality of life:

Stress makes you less attractive

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According to psychologist David Posen, author of Is Work Killing You?

To cope with stress, our bodies produce the hormone cortisol.

Besides, according to a study in Finland, women with hormone levels caused by stress are often less attractive to the opposite sex.

Stress degrades your health

How does stress affect quality of life?

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An article by health website Healthline said that long-term stress can affect 6 organ systems in the body, which are the central nervous system, cardiovascular system, digestive system, muscles, and nerves.

The central nervous system is “in charge” of reactions to stress by releasing hormones that increase heart rate, sweating, rapid breathing… If constantly in a stressful situation, the nervous system will not function properly

Under the influence of stress, the heart beats faster to pump oxygen to muscle groups.

For the digestive system, stress increases stomach acid, causing heartburn and reflux.

When constantly in a state of tension, muscle groups will not rest, leading to headaches, back pain, shoulder pain, etc. People with this sign often depend on pain relievers.

Stress affects reproductive hormones, causing irregular menstruation or feeling very uncomfortable during those days.

Stress weakens the immune system.

From the above reasons, we should take a more serious look at dealing with stress in life.

How does stress affect quality of life?

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5 signs that you are stressed in the technology age

Stress changes behavior

How does stress affect quality of life?

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Directly affecting the central nervous system, stress can change your behavior.

Some common behaviors caused by stress are getting angry easily, being afraid to communicate, and no longer caring about self-care such as exercising, eating irregularly, using stimulants… According to a survey by

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How does stress affect quality of life?

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