The secret behind Hermès bags

The secret behind Hermès bags 0

Each piece of the Constance bag

In a set of photos taken inside the design studio of the Hermès bag, the world gets to `see` the meticulous and detailed steps through the hands of skilled tailors that create excellent products that among

A world completely different from the shimmering showrooms in the centers of big cities, the small, beautiful, simple Hermès bag factory is located in Patin – a suburb of the magnificent capital Paris.

While taking these photos, blogger Shini Park from London learned that an Hermès Birkin bag is meticulously sewn by hand and it can take the craftsman up to 48 hours to complete each stitch.

Currently, these garment factories are not widely publicized to the public, but on the occasion of the 175th anniversary, Hermès organized an exhibition called `Leather Forever`, so that people can explore and learn more about

On Shini’s blog, she said: `It is clear that Hermès has proven that the hands of many experienced and most talented artisans have created a brand with excellent quality products.

Hermès was founded in 1837 by Thiery Hermès, starting with the production of saddles.

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