[ELLE Voice] Ecobrick – Building houses with plastic waste

[ELLE Voice] Ecobrick – Building houses with plastic waste 6

Can you share about the idea and formation of this project in Vietnam?

Ecobrick (eco-bricks) started in South America, then developed and applied in countries such as India, Philippines, and Indonesia.

To find a solution to use eco-bricks in a reasonable way, with help from women in businesses and organizations Nulla, Kelu and Evol, the eco-bricks were finally used to build houses for

During the process of implementing Ecobrick and developing in Vietnam, what advantages and difficulties have you encountered?

When launching the eco-brick making project, the group received many mixed opinions when some people misunderstood the true meaning of making eco-bricks.

There is some misunderstanding that thinking that making eco-bricks increases the demand for plastic because to make more bricks, people will use more plastic.

[ELLE Voice] Ecobrick – Building houses with plastic waste

ELLE Voice

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When first starting to make bricks, everyone thinks that making eco-bricks is very easy, just follow the process of putting plastic in a bottle and compressing it.

How has Ecobrick Saigon’s ecobrick project been received by the community?

Ecobrick Saigon has organized many workshops to guide and implement brick making on a large scale.

[ELLE Voice] Ecobrick – Building houses with plastic waste

Eco-bricks are made from plastic waste that is difficult to decompose in the environment and can be completely reused because they are more durable and resilient than other materials.

Can Ecobricks be scientifically used in large projects and how long can they last?

Ecobricks were created with the purpose of storing the amount of plastic we used.

Can the group share upcoming plans and projects?

Currently, the group has not found any projects with potential and with a tight study schedule, the group cannot focus on working on a specific large project.

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