10-step skin care process for modern ladies

10-step skin care process for modern ladies 3

Have you ever wondered why?

Step 1: Prepare before cleaning

The first step of the `double cleansing` method includes removing foundation and blush with a makeup remover towel rich in nutrients combined with makeup remover solution to clean the eye area.

Step 2: Rinse again

Korean women absolutely believe that washing properly is vital to having bright, acne-free skin, which is exactly why they choose to wash again with facial cleanser.

Step 3: Exfoliate

The softest skin is completely free of dead skin cells on the surface, so exfoliate and don’t forget your lips.

Step 4: Tighten pores with rose water

We’re not talking about the average everyday and alcohol-filled toners found in the Western Hemisphere;

This step helps remove any residue left over from the previous 3 steps while soothing and restoring pH balance.

10-step skin care process for modern ladies

Step 5: Nourishing essence is paramount

Often considered an extremely important part of Korean skin care regimens (minus the double cleansing part, of course), essences are concentrated body fluids that help promote skin regeneration.

10-step skin care process for modern ladies

Vichy Ideal White skin whitening essence with a thin, light texture absorbs quickly into the skin without causing unpleasant stickiness.

Step 6: Use more essence

It’s basically a concentrated and vitamin-rich version of the essence.

Step 7: Massage and apply mask

This is the step where you specifically use one of the extremely popular facial masks, but we recommend that you only use it two to three times a week for maximum effectiveness.

10-step skin care process for modern ladies

Step 8: Apply eye cream

Because careful skin care is always better than treating a problem skin, keep eye wrinkles, puffiness, and dark circles to a minimum with an intensive eye cream.

10-step skin care process for modern ladies

Step 9: Moisturize skin

Go back a bit.

Step 10: Use night care package

To have gorgeous, bright and soft skin, we must add another layer of care.

10-step skin care process for modern ladies

Ideal White Sleeping Mask from Vichy – with Vitamin E, B3, LHA and Vichy mineral water, provides essential moisture to the skin as well as promotes skin regeneration, bringing clear and healthy skin.

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