“Double Joy” – Results of week 2 (October 27 – November 3)

“Double Joy” – Results of week 2 (October 27 – November 3) 0

1. Nguyen Thanh Thuong

To: Sister-in-law

Gift: Cool and soothing BB Cushion foundation

With message:

“Every month, she buys clothes and milk powder for my parents and siblings, urges me to go out with friends, rent a car for my parents to go home, but I rarely buy clothes or cosmetics or go out.

2. Nguyen Thi Bao Ngoc

Send Mother

Gift: Skin whitening sleeping mask

With message:

`My mother started getting sick when I was in 12th grade when I had just given birth. At that time, my mother was quite mentally depressed but still tried to wear a wig and took me to Hanoi to take the university entrance exam and then 2

3. Le Duy

To: Future wife

Gift: Moisturizing mineral mist spray

With message:

“It’s true that I don’t like flirty girls, but I also don’t want you to have to give up taking care of yourself when you’re with me.

4. Tran Thi Mai Phuong

Dear: Lovely Mom

Gift: Anti-aging cream

With message:

“I am used to living independently.

5. Pham Diem Kieu

To: Dear sister

Gift: Multifunctional facial cleanser

With message:

“There are values that even if you try, you will never be able to measure them.

Congratulations to these 5 lucky readers.

(Refer to the list of stores at: http://www.laneige.com.vn/vi/services/storelocator)

We sincerely thank you for participating in the program and hope to receive many stories sharing about meaningful gifts in week 3.


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