How to brighten your skin like a Hollywood star

How to brighten your skin like a Hollywood star 0

The secret to being healthy and beautiful

Signs that skin whitening products are unsafe

Skin care experts for the world’s top stars will reveal to us very simple secrets that everyone can do themselves.

Your skin is where your entire habits and lifestyle are expressed.

To help the surface become shiny and shiny, wash your face every day with a foam cleanser.

How to brighten your skin like a Hollywood star

Exfoliate properly

After washing your face thoroughly, the next step will be to exfoliate.

Exfoliating products containing Lactic Acid or Acid extracted from fruits are relatively less irritating to the skin.

The duo of gentle physical (raw cornstarch) and chemical (yogurt) exfoliants will help slough off dead skin cells effectively without causing redness or skin irritation.

Choose the best mask for your skin

After exfoliating, analyze your skin to see what problem it is having to choose the right mask to solve that problem.

Apply a nutrient-rich serum

After 15-20 minutes of applying the mask, rinse and apply your daily care steps such as: toner, lotion, eye cream, moisturizer.

Drink green drinks

Don’t forget: what you eat or drink will greatly impact your skin.

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