Makeup cosmetics for pure beauty

Makeup cosmetics for pure beauty 2

Red corpse cannon

“Pink is the new red” – this funny saying refers to lipstick, sometimes people can replace classic red lipstick with a gentle and fashionable pink color.

Dior’s pink lip gloss, Shiseido’s moist pink lipstick, Nars’s or Yves Saint Laurent’s pink colors are very popular with fashionistas.


Re-Nutriv is Estée Lauder’s classic anti-aging line that promises skin vitality, moisture, and tightness worthy of the concept of skin like silk.

Makeup cosmetics for pure beauty

Estée Lauder’s Re-Nutriv, The Body Shop’s Oils of Life, and Laneige’s sleeping mask are products that help maintain youthful skin.


Masks are often divided into two types: for exfoliation and for deep nourishment.

Makeup cosmetics for pure beauty

L’occitane introduces Rebalancing Face Mask fragrant with rosemary leaves, Andalou has a line of 1,000 rose petals and Clé de Peau Beauté is unique with a mask that combines skin care steps.

Thin powder

New powder may surprise you with its thinness, smoothness, and transparency.

Makeup cosmetics for pure beauty

Future Solution LX is Shiseido’s premium anti-aging skin care and makeup powder line, Chanel Natural Finish Loose Powder is a makeup cosmetic for ladies who like real skin-thin powder, and Bobbi Brown is always famous for its many options.

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