Are you eating salad to lose weight properly?

Are you eating salad to lose weight properly? 0

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Salad with the main ingredients being vegetables does not mean that it will be beneficial to your health.

Are you eating salad to lose weight properly?

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And here, let’s join ELLE Vietnam in reviewing 7 ingredients that you should not put in salads if you are trying to lose weight.


Crispy fried chicken, coconut shrimp and fried tofu or anything made with protein-rich ingredients will add unnecessary calories and will often come with a small amount of sugar that doesn’t make the dish better.

Are you eating salad to lose weight properly?

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Instead, choose protein dishes such as grilled chicken, shrimp, salmon, canned tuna (without mayonnaise), soft-boiled eggs, steamed tofu or edamame (a type of Japanese soybeans).

CRISPY NOODLES, Wontons, TORTILLA STRIPS (Breadsticks – origin from Mexico)

“Eating crispy fried noodles is like eating French fries,” shares Bonnie Taub-Dix, R.D.N, founder of and author of the book “Read It Before You.”

Are you eating salad to lose weight properly?

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Instead of the foods above that don’t help your weight loss goals, try half a cup of dried chickpeas: one of the legumes that is a rich source of protein as well as containing soluble fiber, which has


Creamy dressings that include things like ranch dressing, Caesar dressing and honey Dijon provide calories (about 160 for two tablespoons of blue cheese dressing), sodium (170 mg) and unhealthy fats (about 160 for two tablespoons of blue cheese dressing).

Are you eating salad to lose weight properly?

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Nutritionist Marisa Moore, R.D recommends that you enhance the flavor with vinegar sauces like Balsamic vinegar (a type of vinegar from Northern Italy) or add a little champagne plus a little olive oil sprinkled on top.


Fat-free toppings actually contain more salt and sugar than you think (for example, two tablespoons of fat-free Ranch dressing contains about 270 to 380 mg of sodium and 2 to 3 sugars – the first ingredient in most brands).

Are you eating salad to lose weight properly?

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But the most important thing is still controlling your diet.


You might think that toast will add texture and flavor to a salad, but a handful-sized amount can add nearly 100 calories, more than 200mg of sodium and a few grams of saturated fat without any of the nutrients.

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And for added flavor, you can add dried Italian coriander, Provencal coriander or other types of coriander that can combine effectively with other flavors in your salad.

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Dried raspberries, apricots and raisins provide about 22 grams of sugar (that’s as much as an entire Butterfinger peanut butter bar) and pack 100 calories into a quarter-cup serving – minus the fiber from the flowers.

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Instead of choosing dried fruits, you can replace them with seasonal fresh fruits, such as half a cup of sliced ​​grapes to make the dish more delicious and also have very good antioxidant effects.


Bacon is often prepared with soybean meal, sunflower oil or canola oil and that of course “provides” an additional 180 mg of sodium and 30 calories, in just 1 tablespoon (and who only uses 1

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They don’t add any nutrients to your salad.

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