The sweet women of today’s most famous male models

The sweet women of today's most famous male models 5

Since the late 1800s, when the title of model was officially recognized by the public, this field was by default dominated by women.

However, the following male models have completely overcome that stereotype and become prominent names.

The boys’ charming appearance makes many fans passionate and bewildered.

Let’s take a look at ELLE’s famous male models and their loved ones.

1/ Lucky Blue Smith (3.3 million followers on Instagram)

Birthday: June 4, 1998 (19 years old)/ Zodiac sign: Gemini/ Height: 1m83/ Nationality: American (Photo: ELLE)

Lucky Blue Smith is widely known for his platinum blonde hair and ocean blue eyes.

The sweet women of today's most famous male models

(Photo: @luckybsmith)

Lucky Blue Smith is also recognized as the male model with the most followers on Instagram, which is said to have helped him get many large advertising contracts and become one of the most successful male models.

At the age of 18, Lucky had her first daughter – Gravity Blue Smith with model, singer, and actress Stormi Henley.

The sweet women of today's most famous male models

(photo: @luckybsmith)

Stormi Henley, 28 years old, was awarded the title of `Miss Teen USA` in 2009. She was a contestant in the 10th season of the American Idol talent competition.

The sweet women of today's most famous male models

Stormi Henley is the lucky girl to have the heart of the blue-eyed prince.

The sweet women of today's most famous male models

The two once performed together at Dolce & Gabbana’s show.

2/ Chico Lachowski (1.9 million followers on Instagram)

Real name is Francisco Lachowski, Chico Lachowski has mixed origins, his father is Polish and his mother is of Portuguese-German origin.

The sweet women of today's most famous male models

Birthday: May 13, 1991 (26 years old)/ Zodiac sign: Taurus/ Height: 1m88/ Nationality: Brazilian (photo: L’Oreal)

Close-up of the male model’s attractive face.

Chico Lachowski met his current wife – Jessiann Gravel Beland when they both participated in a photo shoot for HUGE Magazine in Japan.

Jessiann Beland is a French-Canadian model.

On March 25, 2013, Milo Lachowski – the couple’s first son was born.

The couple often appears together in global fashion publications (ELLE, Bare Magazine, LOVE, Dress To Kill, Cosmopolitan, Galore…) or promotional campaigns of the Canadian brand – RW&CO.

A well-matched couple and filled with happiness are the admirable images of the Lachowski family.

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3/ Johannes Huebl (943 thousand followers on Instagram)

Birthday: December 22, 1977 (40 years old)/ Zodiac sign: Sagittarius/ Height: 1m83/ Nationality: German (photo: @johanneshuebl)

Johannes Huebl is a male model of German origin.

At the age of 40, Johannes is still extremely stylish because of his elegant fashion sense and attractive appearance.

Johannes has gradually gained more attention from the American public since he married his current wife – fashion icon/ talented entrepreneur Olivia Palermo.

Olivia Palermo – the talented wife of Johannes.

Olivia Palermo used to be a model, before turning to become an actress.

(photo: @johanneshuebl)

Talented and beautiful is the most accurate way to describe the couple Johannes Huebl and Olivia Palermo.

4/ River Viiperi (698 thousand followers on Instagram)

River Viiperi is a male model of mixed Finnish-Spanish descent.

Birthday: August 4, 1991 (26 years old)/ Zodiac sign: Leo/ Height: 1m89/ Nationality: Finnish (photo: @riverviiperi)

He has appeared on the covers of Winq, Surface, Guapo, Coitus, GQ magazines… as well as being the face of advertising campaigns for Calvin Klein, Tommy Hilfigier, Bershka, Versace, Diesel… The pinnacle of his career

River Viiperi is a male model favored by photographers specializing in shooting male models.

This guy is widely known to the public because of his 11-year age gap in love with the prestigious lady Paris Hilton.

At the present time, the male model is extremely happy with fellow model – Jessica Goicoechea.

Spanish model – Jessica Goicoechea (photo: goicoechea22)

The matching beauty of the model couple.

According to shares on Instagram, this couple got together in December last year.

5/ Sean O’Pry (627 thousand followers on Instagram)

Sean O’Pry’s full name is Sean Richard O’Pry.

Birthday: July 5, 1989 (28 years old)/ Zodiac sign: Cancer/ Height: 1m82/ Nationality: American (photo: ELLE MAN Mexico)

Romantic beauty with blue eyes of male model.

Sean’s romantic beauty has helped him quickly catch the eye of many famous fashion brands such as: Calvin Klein, Giorgio Armani, Versace, Dolce & Gabbana, Ralph Lauren, Gianfranco Ferré, H&M, Zara, Armani Jeans,

The peak of Sean’s career was probably when he appeared in two labor-intensive MVs by two contemporary Pop stars – Madonna’s “Girl Gone Wild” and Taylor Swift’s “Blank Space.”

Sean and his girlfriend, model Samantha Gradoville, have been together since 2016. The two often share their intimate moments on their personal Instagrams.

(photo: @seanopry55)

Samantha Gradoville is a high-end fashion model, no less than her boyfriend.

The hot, attractive beauty of a 27-year-old model.

(Photo: @seanopry55)

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