10 reasons why love is sad and what to do

10 reasons why love is sad and what to do 4

There are many reasons leading to sad love stories.

1. Disagreement

When two people have many disagreements, especially views on lifestyle, behavior and future plans, they will tend to have tense arguments, or have unpleasant feelings about each other, causing fights.

Should: Reconciliation of views, concessions and mutual acceptance are necessary in any relationship.

Beautiful love is love that needs nurturing

2. Language barrier

When two people from different countries love each other, their communication languages are not the same, and one of them’s English is not good, leading to the inability to share with each other the joys and sorrows in life.

Do: Do not enter into a serious relationship if you cannot understand the other person’s language.

3. Unreasonable jealousy

One of the two people is jealous for no reason, just having the other person talk to a person of the opposite sex makes them jealous without knowing the reason.

Do: You should establish certain rules with relationships so that the other person does not misunderstand and avoid causing unnecessary conflicts.

10 reasons why love is sad and what to do

Jealousy does not make love sublimate

4. Third person

When a third person appears, adultery takes place, causing the love relationship to stand on the brink of collapse.

Do: Don’t criticize third parties.

5. Marry someone you don’t love

There are many reasons why a person marries someone they do not love: due to family arrangements, revenge on an ex-lover, due to social pressure… When we marry someone we do not love, living together under

So: Happiness is ours, it follows us throughout our lives.

10 reasons why love is sad and what to do

If we want to be truly happy, we should marry the person we love and that person also loves us.

6. Not receiving support from family

Not everyone is lucky to receive support from both families for their love relationship.

So: A beautiful love needs perseverance.

7. Don’t have enough money to invite your lover out!

Finances are weapons in every relationship.

Do: Invest time in your career if you don’t have anything and don’t feel confident.

10 reasons why love is sad and what to do

Economics helps love sublimate

8. Not having time for each other makes the other person feel lost

One of them is too busy and doesn’t know how to arrange time for the other.

So: No matter how busy you are, a text message or a phone call during a break can help warm up your partner, especially when you’re far apart.

9. Blandness in love

Love is a plant, if you don’t water it for a few days it will wither.

Do: Sometimes renew love with romantic, private activities for each other.

10 reasons why love is sad and what to do

Let’s spend time together

10. Being overly influenced by outsiders’ opinions

Many people are mentally unstable and easily influenced by outsiders when they say divisive words.

So: No one is perfect, and there is no perfect relationship.

10 reasons why love is sad and what to do

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