4 reasons why you never feel happy

4 reasons why you never feel happy 4

Happiness is not easy to grasp.

There is a type of happiness that does not rely on all of the above factors but is built from `satisfaction`.

The behaviors below are the reason why you cannot find satisfaction regardless of whether you have everything in your hands or have achieved a lot in life.

1. Compare yourself to others

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Constantly comparing yourself to others can be a major obstacle to your growth.

Therefore, before comparing yourself to anyone else, you should look at your positive points as well as the things you are lucky to possess in life.

4 reasons why you never feel happy

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2. Blame circumstances

4 reasons why you never feel happy

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People who refuse to admit or take responsibility for their mistakes often have difficulty maintaining relationships in life.

When something bad happens, we cannot deny all responsibility and blame external circumstances. Sometimes, each person must ask themselves questions and consider whether they contributed to the situation.

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3. Unable to accept the situation

4 reasons why you never feel happy

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Part of the real beauty of life comes from the unpredictable.

Instead of always seeing yourself as a victim and asking yourself: `Why do I have to go through this terrible thing?`, you should ask questions that help you easily approach and solve the problem such as: `How to do this?`

4 reasons why you never feel happy

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4. Easily distracted by electronic devices

4 reasons why you never feel happy

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With the amount of information constantly updated on the Internet today, it is difficult for us to take our eyes off our phone and computer screens to keep up with social trends and not become outdated.

If not used properly, electronic devices such as smartphones and computers make us distracted and unable to focus on current life.

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