The world of perfume for brides

The world of perfume for brides 0

Happy day scent – Wedding day perfume

People say scent is the thing that most easily evokes emotions: just a fleeting familiar note brings back a whole memory, and sometimes, a flood of happiness.

Vietnamese brides have to take care of their wedding in all directions to make their parents happy, their friends happy, and themselves happy.

No matter how good of a person you are for others, just for one day, give yourself permission to be there for yourself.

Something Old

Use the scent of your choice on your first date with him.

Something New

Taking the time to try (a lot) and buy (a bottle) of perfume just to use on your wedding day and honeymoon is a way to spend extra time with your close girlfriends, while also giving yourself time.

The world of perfume for brides

Princess – Vera Wang

The world of perfume for brides

Santal Blush – Tom Ford

Something Borrowed

To complete Something Borrowed, brides often borrow jewelry from their mother or grandmother that has been passed down through generations, or a pair of shoes from a close girlfriend, to always remember that even though they are married, they will always have

Something Blue

Escada Into the Blue is sweet and cool for a summer outdoor wedding, Van Cleef & Arpels Midnight in Paris is romantic and captivating for the first dance, Acqua di Parma Blu Mediterraneo is strange and restless for the vast afternoon beach and

The world of perfume for brides

Into The Blue – Escada

The world of perfume for brides

Midnight in Paris – Van Cleef & Aprels

The world of perfume for brides

Blue Mediterraneo – Acqua Di Parma

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