The secret to choosing vintage handbags

The secret to choosing vintage handbags 0

Hermès Mallette handbags have been produced since the 1950s

The secret to choosing vintage handbags

vintage style handbags

Vintage handbags are often bags that have been used by someone else, and for some reason the bag is passed on to new owners.

In addition, Limited bags produced in limited quantities have prices that are raised two/three times higher than the original selling price.

If you want to own a valuable vintage handbag, don’t forget to refer to the selection tips below to ensure that you have chosen quality and `standard` bags.

The secret to choosing vintage handbags

Chanel Cassette Bag.

1. Find a reputable, trustworthy place that sells vintage handbags

There are many stores online and everywhere that sell valuable vintage bags.

2. Trust your intuition

There are always many `fake` products on the market that are made to resemble the real model in every needle and thread.

The secret to choosing vintage handbags

Hermès’s Vintage Birkin bag always has an extremely high price because of the unchanging value of the brand, and because there are so many people hunting for this type of bag.

3. Always remember to check the serial number

Most expensive branded handbags have a serial number printed on a certain part of the bag or have immutable identification marks to confirm that this is a genuine bag.

Chanel bags will have a sticker printed with the series number using hologram technique.

The secret to choosing vintage handbags

The series code of Chanel handbags before 2000 has 7 numbers.

You should also pay attention to the font!

The secret to choosing vintage handbags

Chanel’s 2.55 handbag is still the most sought after vintage bag

4. Compare vintage handbags with new bags from the same brand

Designer handbag fanatics are those who have spent years “hunting and collecting” the “it-bags” they want, from boutiques to vintage places.

5. Check the details

From a distance, a fake bag can still look as beautiful as a real bag.

Some other things to note

– Vintage handbags are usually at least 20 years old

– Used bags are bags from more recent fashion seasons, about 2 or 3 years ago.

– If you want to make a profit from vintage bags, you should preserve and preserve them in the best conditions.

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