Vietnamese music 2023: An open horizon

Vietnamese music 2023: An open horizon 3


Concept album is an idea that has existed for a long time in the world, however, in Vietnam, this concept only stops at exploiting content in a unified way.

Accordingly, multi-sensory experiences are being pursued by many artists.

Suboi’s exhibition NONE: Understanding the Body is a synthesis of many elements such as music, light, scent, animation, installation art…

Getting closer to young people, rapper Tao also introduced the exhibition Y?

Vietnamese music 2023: An open horizon

Exhibition Y?

In early December 2022, Nhac Trang participated in the Silence Sings project – `Im`, a live performance through in-ear headphones.

On a smaller scale, album launch showcases, music videos… are also being invested very methodically.

With the popularity of many new technologies such as 3D, AI, Virtual or 3D Mapping… and the support of independent art organizations, 2023 promises to have more creative concepts to bring art closer.

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According to TikTok Vietnam’s What’s Next 2022 report, entertainment is one of three categories that many young people are interested in following.

In the past year, there have been many products that have attracted attention thanks to the effect of dance challenge and combined with influential accounts such as Toc Tien’s 906090 or Ho Ngoc Ha’s Loneliness on the Sofa.

Vietnamese music 2023: An open horizon

Dance challenge and collaborating with influential accounts on TikTok is a new music promotion trend.

Vietnamese music 2023: An open horizon

Talking about difference in an era where short videos `rule the game`, the `hits` that quickly become trends on TikTok mostly have a structure that includes a catchy chorus, easy-to-follow choreography and

Although the above factors help the works become widely popular, they also lead to the appearance of many substandard products.

It can be seen that, if properly cared for and invested in, this platform is a means to help art get closer to the mass audience.

Vietnamese music 2023: An open horizon

Cultural world

The `heroes` of Vietnamese music


2023 promises to be an explosive year for many unique musical personalities.

In 2022, products in the genres of synth-pop, alternative, R&B/hip-hop… will also have outstanding numbers, showing proximity to world music trends.

Vietnamese music 2023: An open horizon

In terms of content, when the world begins to immerse itself in the rhythm of normal life, topics surrounding `YOLO`, enjoying life along with EDM music, synth-pop, disco… promise to explode again.

Vietnamese music 2023: An open horizon

Den Vau experiments with the symphony orchestra in `dongvui harmony`.

The trend of `covering` old music will also likely return, but no longer in the simple style of past years.

2023 may be a promising year for Vietnamese music with the support of many social networking platforms and new technologies.

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