Necessary items when traveling

Necessary items when traveling 1

Let’s take a look at ELLE’s essential items when traveling to have a perfect trip.

Necessary items when traveling

1. Sunglasses, hats and sunscreen

Sunglasses are always an indispensable item for us on every trip to cope with the harsh summer sun.

Necessary items when traveling

Glasses not only help protect against sun and dust, but they are also an indispensable fashion accessory in the wardrobe.

Necessary items when traveling

You should prepare to bring soft baseball caps or round hats that are easy to fold in your luggage or carry-on bag when going sightseeing, they are both convenient and extremely fashionable.

2. Doll shoes and sneakers

Having to travel a lot during travel days is a nightmare for us girlfriends.

Necessary items when traveling

Doll shoes can be worn with active dresses or jeans

It will be a pair of dynamic sneakers for a personality girl or a neat pair of dolls for a gentle girl.

Necessary items when traveling

Sneakers are one of the most convenient shoe styles and should be brought along when traveling

3. Windbreaker and cardigan

Besides your favorite outfits, remember to always bring a windbreaker or a thin cardigan with you.

Necessary items when traveling

With these sweaters, you can combine them with shirts, t-shirts, skirts, and jeans to look beautiful.

You can choose two colors: black and white and mix with a different color sweater to create a highlight

Prioritize shirts that are light and have moderate thickness for convenience when traveling long distances.

4. Comfortable pants

If compared with short shorts, long pants will lose points in terms of comfort and dynamism.

Choose pants that give you the most comfortable feeling like straight pants with cool materials like linen, silk, linen…

5. Tote bags and small crossbody bags

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, sunglasses, hats, and sunscreen are definitely indispensable items that we need to bring on long trips, not to mention the billions of other things.

Tote bags are extremely diverse in color and material, suitable for any style.

In addition to holding essential items, this type of bag also has the advantage of being very compact and extremely convenient when traveling.

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