Little known things about actor Kim Ly

Little known things about actor Kim Ly 3

Kim Ly just shared his special habits and hobbies while in Vietnam such as: liking to eat Hanoi pho, eating ice cream when stressed, and working without coffee.

Hanoi Pho is the most favorite Vietnamese dish

When asked about Vietnamese dishes, Kim Ly replied: `The cuisine in Vietnam is wonderful and I have tried many dishes when I came here.

Eat ice cream every time you’re stressed

Although he is a person with a healthy and quite strict diet, Kim Ly also confided that he does not follow any strict diet, and cannot resist the appeal of ice cream.

Can’t work without coffee

Those who have ever participated in a photo shoot with Kim Ly, if they pay attention, will see that he always has a cup of coffee by his side.

Little known things about actor Kim Ly

Nickname `Miss Vietnam` because she is so skillful and friendly

In real life, Kim Ly is a friendly and skillful person, and his communication style makes those around him feel satisfied and praised.

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