Kokology test: The cube reads your personality

Kokology test: The cube reads your personality 2

This Kokology test is called the cube test.

Kokology test

Photo: Behance.com

First, imagine that you are standing in a vast desert.

– What size is that cube?

– Multicolor or monochrome?

– How far is the distance between you and the cube?

Still surprised by the cube, you continue to see a ladder.

– Where is the ladder located?

– What are ladders made of?

– What is its shape, size, color?

You are wondering about those two `strange` objects when suddenly a horse appears.

– How far is the distance between the horse and the cube?

– What is the horse doing, is it standing still or is it moving?

– Describe the shape of the horse.

– What is your impression of the horse?

Things don’t stop there.

– Think about it, how many flowers will there be in the scene where you are standing?

– Will these flowers grow from the cube?

While I was busy admiring the flowers and horses, suddenly a storm came.

Please tell us which direction the storm is moving in.

– In your opinion, what level is this storm?

– Also, will this storm have any effect on the cube, the ladder, the horse and those flowers?

Kokology test: The cube reads your personality


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Decode the mystery

After completing the above answers, now is the time for you to decode the mystery and discover your own personality.

The desert is the outside world of your subconscious mind and the cube is your human ego

In other words, the shape of the cube represents your personality.

Kokology test: The cube reads your personality

Photo: Mystical Raven

Regarding color, if the cube is black, it means you are mysterious and like to hide yourself.

If the cube is on the ground – you are a realist, if it is floating in the air – you are a dreamer.

The cube is far away from you, proving that you do not understand anything about yourself.

The ladder represents awareness of surrounding relationships

Kokology test: The cube reads your personality

Photo: Pexels.com

First, the shape and size of the ladder shows the appearance and personality of the people around you.

If the ladder is wooden, your friends are all delicate and kind people, you feel safe with them.

The position of the ladder is the attitude between you and the relationships around you.

The image of a horse symbolizes the love of your life

Photo: Emo Images

The horse’s shape is the person’s appearance and personality in your eyes.

The image of a horse near the cube shows that their relationship is passionate and happy.

Horses moving freely means your love is extremely comfortable and liberal.

The flowers represent family

Kokology test: The cube reads your personality

Photo: Pixabay.com

The number of flowers represents the love you have for your family.

The colors and vitality of flowers speak to your feeling of being `home`.

The position of the flower relative to the cube is the level of connection between you and your family members.

The storm is the fear hidden inside you

If the storm is far away, moving slowly and growing towards you, it means you feel uneasy or afraid of something.

On the contrary, if the storm moves away from you, it means you are always steadfast, have overcome difficulties and are on the way to `recovering your spirit`.

If the storm affects the cube, the ladder, the horse or the flower, your fear comes from them.

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