A wife is more passionate when her husband is good at housework

A wife is more passionate when her husband is good at housework 0

Joseph Fields, a 39-year-old consultant living in Lexington, USA, now realizes something if he gives his wife a bouquet of roses with a card with romantic words of love, or invites her to dinner at a restaurant.

For a long time, wives have believed that seeing their husbands do housework, or at least the results of their husbands’ or boyfriends’ housework, is like a drug that stimulates their sexual desires.

According to research results given in the book Voice Male – The voice of men, author Neil Chethik, writer, family psychology educator, investigation results

288 men across the United States proved that, when men share household chores with their wives such as cooking or laundry, the wife will `reciprocate in the bedroom`.

The wife will feel more sexual attraction from the husband when the husband takes on more housework and child care.

Fields, like many other men, also expressed his feelings and thoughts about what he called this “trade-off.”

`It seems like she takes the initiative and uses it to bargain.`

Now Fields understands the reason for his wife’s reaction at that time.

“When I share housework, she feels loved and acknowledged.”

How exciting is that?

A wife is more passionate when her husband is good at housework

One study compared couples in which both spouses shared housework equally with couples in which the least amount of work (either the husband or wife) felt equal.

–   Wives are twice as likely to cheat.

–   Stability in family life is 10 times worse.

–   The risk of separation or divorce is twice as high.

Some husbands are so dissatisfied with housework in the family that they are willing to pay to hire an outside service to do those jobs.

Does hiring a maid save money in the long run?

Couples who pay for maid services now – who knows, may have to prepare their wallets to pay for marriage counseling and court services, someday in the not too distant future.

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