How to make an impression through speaking ability

How to make an impression through speaking ability 0

I am not a theorist, or a sociologist about rituals and ceremonies.

When chatting, I like to use things like age, salary, family, and personal matters to start the story.

Know how to small talk (Small talks)

If you Google “How to small talk,” there will be 223 million results.

Talking is the same: sometimes we talk about ourselves, sometimes we receive information from the other person, sometimes we talk about personal issues, sometimes we talk about sun and rain, floods, traffic jams, good and bad movies.

And like any form of art, elegance in speech must also be rehearsed, honed, cultivated from reading, observing, and consciously absorbing (very rarely this is

There are certain guidelines you should remember to use.

– Remember the name of the person you are talking to

– Look into the listener’s eyes when speaking

– If talking to a group of people, treat everyone the same.

– Avoid interrupting the person speaking (taboo).

– Avoid talking about yourself.

– Wise people listen more than they speak.

– Avoid personal, nosy questions when you have just met someone.

Speak just enough to be heard and be sincere

Speaking too loudly or too softly both disturbs the listener.

Elegance and grace have nothing to do with speaking loudly, whether in person or on the phone.

Pleasant words, which may or may not need to be flowery, when combined with sincerity, kindness, and thoughtfulness towards those around them, will fully create the qualities of a charming woman.

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