Instagram accounts of beautiful boys

Instagram accounts of beautiful boys 2

ELLE girls must have followed many famous beauty bloggers on Instagram.

1. Patrick Simondac (@patrickstarrr)

Topping the list of the most influential `beautiful guys` on Instagram is Patrick Simondac, 26 years old, living in Orlando, Florida, USA with an Instagram account of up to 1 million and 7 followers.

Patrick’s dream is to be able to create makeup products that suit himself and meet everyone’s needs.

2. Manny Gutierrez (@mannymua733)

Instagram accounts of beautiful boys

While boys his age play with robots or car models, Manny Gutierrez is only interested in lipstick and eyeliner.

For Manny, makeup can help him unleash his creativity, transforming his face into many different styles.

3. Alexander Rivera (@alexfaction)

Instagram accounts of beautiful boys

After his mother lost her job, Alexander was forced to go out and find work to help support the family.

From just being a normal wedding makeup artist, Alexander has become the personal makeup artist of famous stars, including Jennifer Lopez.

4. Alan Macias (@alannized)

Instagram accounts of beautiful boys

Alan is simply a guy with an endless passion for the art of makeup.

On his face, Alan always focuses on his thick and long eyebrows as  a point of recognition for himself.

5. James Charles Dickinson (@jcharlesbeauty)

Instagram accounts of beautiful boys

Although he is the youngest person on this list, James does not appear inferior to the other guys.

Currently, for James, his biggest priority is still focusing on studying, along with becoming a full-time makeup YouTuber.


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