Ngo Bao Chau’s mother – `I want to thank my child`

Ngo Bao Chau's mother - `I want to thank my child` 0

In her calm appearance and elegant style, people see in Associate Professor, Dr. Tran Luu Van Hien, behind the image of a mother devoted to her children is the portrait of a typical, honest, humble Hanoi woman.

Thinking that there was too much information, she politely refused when asked about the life of Professor Ngo Bao Chau and his family, but she was very enthusiastic and open when talking about Le Huu Trac Intermediate School of Medicine and Pharmacy, where she was studying.

“Sometimes I feel like the work is too much for me.

I still tell students that if they want to get rich, they should change schools.

Do students know that she is Ngo Bao Chau’s mother?


At that time, I wanted to thank you for making my students, and today’s younger generation, more studious and confident that if they are truly passionate, they will be able to do something.

She chose Traditional Medicine to pursue a lifetime of scientific research.

Actually, what I am most satisfied with is building a Vietnamese medicinal plant research team at the Vietnam Institute of Traditional Medicine, with access to new and advanced technologies in the world.

From laboratory research to clinical practice there are many differences, so serious scientists need to be very cautious when making their research results public.

Combining Modern Medicine and Traditional Medicine in cancer treatment is the choice of scientific treatment facilities in our country and is especially effective when traditional medicines are produced with advanced techniques.

Graduated from Polytechnic University with a major in Chemistry, but then majored in Pharmacy.

Everyone has a destiny with their career.

I graduated from Polytechnic University with a topic on drug synthesis. Later, I still worked on drugs, but drugs of natural origin.

It seems like in the past you were also a good literature student, right?

The starting point was not like that, but since my high school years, I went to the Hanoi Library every day to read books and commentary articles by Hoai Thanh.

After Chau won the Fields Prize, I wanted to write something for my child as a personal gift for Chau.

Ngo Bao Chau's mother - `I want to thank my child`

What characteristics did Mr. Ngo Bao Chau inherit from his mother, ma’am?

When she was young, Chau lived with her mother more than her father, because her father was in the army and then went on business trips often.

Mr. Henri Van Regemorter, whom Chau considered her closest friend during her years studying in France, also commented that Chau had a spirit very similar to her mother.

Her family is a family of `poet writers`, her great-grandfather Tran Luu Hue was a cultural celebrity of Hue.

In the past, there was a maid at home, but I still had to do housework.

I still think that what Chau has is a great blessing for her family and clan, and is loved by God and Buddha.

Of course, it cannot be denied that there are many other reasons that helped Chau achieve her dream, 15 years of doing math, and the process of studying in Vietnam and abroad.

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