How to have good sleep?

How to have good sleep? 0

How to have good sleep?

When you have difficulty sleeping or insomnia, don’t immediately think that you are sick.

1. Go to bed and wake up on time

To have a good night’s sleep, sleeping the prescribed amount of time (8 hours/day) is important, but maintaining the habit of going to bed and waking up on time is even more important, bringing high relaxation efficiency.

2. Leave work and stress at the door

Anxiety, frustration and stress from the day’s work are the reasons why you have difficulty sleeping.

3. Prepare for a pleasant sleep

Sleep quality is more important than sleep duration, and bedroom space plays a significant role in influencing this factor.

If you can’t manage the surrounding light sources, use an eye mask.

How to have good sleep?

Prepare for a pleasant sleep: The herbal scent helps you sleep easily

4. Light activity and snacks

You should not eat a lot at dinner, limit fried foods, and drinks with high alcohol content.

If all the above efforts don’t help you get a good night’s sleep, it’s time to see a doctor!

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