Ellewiki: The story of the bra

Ellewiki: The story of the bra 2

Symbol of freedom

The year 1889 marked a new development of underwear when Herminie Cadolle invented the forerunner of today’s modern bra, the `corselet-gorge`, roughly understood as a corset for the chest.

Drawing of the “corselet-gorge”

When women’s roles are affirmed, the restrictive corset becomes an image of imprisonment that needs to be broken.

Soon after, the Warner Brothers Corset Company of Bridgeport acquired Mary Phelps-Jacob’s patent for $1,500.

Ellewiki: The story of the bra

The shirt was designed by a liberal young girl

Ellewiki: The story of the bra

The design eventually went to Warner Brothers for $1,500.

The 20s were the era of feminism and flapper girls, masculine shapes became popular, the bra therefore had the function of making ladies as `flat` as possible with an unpadded front and

Ellewiki: The story of the bra

… and also a symbol of sexuality

At the same time, Ida Rosentha, an immigrant seamstress from Russia, and her husband challenged the image of masculinity by enhancing the curves of women’s breasts.

Ellewiki: The story of the bra

An advertising sample of the Maidenform brand

Like other aspects of fashion, Hollywood was a strong catalyst for the `seductive` image of the bra to soon spread.

Ellewiki: The story of the bra

Lana Turner and bullet bra

In 1944, the beautiful Jane Russell appeared with the first underwire bra on the promotional poster of the movie `The Outlaw`.

More than two decades later, the name Victoria’s Secret began to emerge and soon became the `tycoon` in the lingerie market.

Taking the name `Victoria’s Secret` was also part of Roy Raymond’s intention to change the concept of underwear at that time.

At the same time, the value of the bra was widely recognized.

A Victoria’s Secret advertisement from 1979

Jean-Paul Gaultier also designed the cone bra for Madonna’s Blond Ambition tour in 1990.

In 1994, Wonderbra advertising posters with supermodel Eva Herzigova wearing only underwear appeared on major streets.

After a long time, bras are now designed and manufactured with extremely diverse designs and shapes;

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