Corset shirt – Glamor from the past

Corset shirt – Glamor from the past 2

Experiencing the ups and downs of fashion, this charming shirt style has a certain history.

Initially, corsets were mostly made by hand, but in 1839, Jean Werly – a French man – made a major turning point in history when he used a weaving loom to make shirts for women.

The corset has quite a remarkable history

However, there is also other information that the person who introduced the corset into history was Catherine de’ Medici, wife of King Henry II of France.

Corset shirt – Glamor from the past

Emma Watson is very interested in the corset style.

Corsets are divided into two types: loose corset (tunic) and corset dress (shirt attached to a skirt):

– Detachable corset (tunic): Like a strapless shirt, but the chest is designed like a bra, with a depth and width equal to half the chest, with additional padding or frame under the chest, helping to lift the chest and create a sexy look.


Corset shirt – Glamor from the past

Detachable corsets are very popular.

– Corset dress (shirt attached to a skirt): a type of tunic that is sewn into a skirt.


Corset shirt – Glamor from the past

Corsets attached to dresses are quite popular in this day and age.

One thing is for sure, this shirt is one of the all-time favorite women’s items.


Corset shirt – Glamor from the past

This type of outfit is only considered a secret `treasure`, helping women feel more confident when wearing clothes outside.

However, when the concept of beauty in modern times is more open, sexiness is placed first.

A few suggestions below will help you master this enchanting shirt:

– Choose shirts and skirts that fit your body because being too loose or too tight will bring bad results.

– If you have a very small bust, you should avoid using this shirt style.

– The corset shirt has the characteristic of showing off the bust, shoulders and back to the maximum.

Corsets, from the early bras to now, have had a certain place in women’s fashion concepts.

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