[ELLE Voice] Garbage-free sea – Don’t just wish, take action

[ELLE Voice] Garbage-free sea - Don't just wish, take action 2

There are many heartbreaking images of ocean pollution: giant trash islands floating in the Pacific Ocean, sea creatures swimming in nylon waste, plastic shells, dead seagulls on the beach with

Humans – in the S-shaped strip of land – are destroying the marine environment, causing serious harm to their own lives.

Ms. Nguyen Thi Sen Hoa: Editor of ELLE Vietnam magazine, Member of the Executive Board of the City Women’s Business Association.

What is the reason for initiating the meaningful project `For a waste-free marine environment`, ma’am?

At the end of 2018, accidentally returning to Linh Truong beach (Thanh Hoa) on a short trip, I was surprised by the garbage and countless dry tree trunks drifting ashore, many of which were plastic and

Surely something must be done to prevent waste and save Vietnam’s beaches with concrete actions.

[ELLE Voice] Garbage-free sea - Don't just wish, take action

What activities will be included in this series of meaningful events?

Our plan is to hold an event every year at a different coast across the country to remind beachgoers and sea lovers to join hands to protect.

This will be the most impressive and meaningful picture of the sea for anyone coming from the sea to the resort to admire the clear sky, white sand and blue sea.

Along with the above works, with the approval of the United Nations Environment Program (UNEP), we have displayed a set of paintings about the marine environment with messages in numbers and vivid images conveyed to the community.

What are the challenges in preparing and organizing this event and what are the organizers’ expectations through the project?

[ELLE Voice] Garbage-free sea - Don't just wish, take action

Luckily, when we shared the idea of painting on the sea embankment, we received enthusiastic support from AkzoNobel paint company.

Many challenges arose during the preparation and planning process.

[ELLE Voice] Garbage-free sea - Don't just wish, take action

Getting to work, we were not under any pressure from sponsors because they were all very supportive of the program.

The program’s expectations are not only for this year, for Linh Truong beach, but will continue to be implemented in the following years and for beaches along from North to South.

“For a waste-free marine environment” is a communication project to raise public awareness jointly by the Hanoi Business Women Association (HNEW) and the Vietnam Association for the Protection of Nature and Environment (VACNE).

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