Businesswoman Duong Thi Ngan: After success comes a small family

Businesswoman Duong Thi Ngan: After success comes a small family 0

Businesswoman Duong Thi Ngan

A sweet, inspirational voice and a youthful, modern personality even in middle age are what people can easily feel from Ms. Duong Thi Ngan.

As a busy businesswoman, how do you divide your time between work and family?

As a businesswoman operating in the field of import-export business, my daily work is to mobilize sources of goods, transact with domestic and foreign customers, develop production and business plans, and build

I thought such work would take up all my time during the day, but it didn’t.

There was a time when I traveled every kilometer and took care of my children’s studies and had to rely on my cell phone to `manage` work at home.

To you, what does family mean?

I always consider family first.

So I feel happy.

Businesswoman Duong Thi Ngan: After success comes a small family

Ms. Ngan’s happy family

How does family life affect each member?

Although my family only has two generations living together, the difference between generations is not as clear as in many families living with three or four generations in one house.

As a person of the previous generation, do you find it difficult to integrate with your next generation?

This is very difficult.

How are traditional values maintained in your family and what does that mean for the younger generation?

I often guide my children to follow the tradition of `when drinking water, remember its source` in whatever they do.

Businesswoman Duong Thi Ngan: After success comes a small family

Maintaining a warm family life with the spirit of remembering the source when drinking water is what Ms. Ngan desires

What do you love most about your family life?

Family for me is not only a place to go home to but also a place where I can express my joys and sorrows, where I can express all my feelings and where I can live with myself.

What are your plans and hopes for the coming time to increase the quality of life for generations in your family?

When it comes to plans and intentions, I usually keep them a secret (laughs).

Advice helps connect generations in the family

1. Encourage children to show affection and care for everyone in the family through daily activities.

2. Be friends with children to understand and gradually erase the generation gap between parents and children.

3. Direct your child to extracurricular activities and encourage the participation of many family members.

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