An imperfect Adele at 30

An imperfect Adele at 30 2

Time of change

The audience’s expectations for Adele never seem to rest, despite knowing that there is not a short time between records.

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Collaborating again with familiar names from previous records such as Greg Kurstin, Tobias Jesso Jr., Max Martin… with the lead single Easy On Me, at first, listeners were waiting for a party of sadness like the album  21

Written around 2019 and completed in early 2020, 30 is a `wound-healing` record.

From post-breakup pain to moments of self-healing

30 is a record that follows a sequence, a process, a continuation of what has happened before and now continues.

Most painfully and nakedly, Adele exposes herself and her psychological trauma in My Little Love, dedicated to her son Angelo.

Being drunk, crying, bored, helpless, giving up… are almost portrayed through My Little Love and Cry Your Heart Out – where the world seems to end after the divorce.

The four-song set I Drink Wine, Hold On, To Be Loved and Loving Is A Game are like consecutive diary pages, about hope, self-reflection as well as the courage to stand up after falling.

An imperfect Adele at 30

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Adele: Because music is life

New points

In the interview when the album was released, Adele also showed her perspective on today’s music: `If everyone makes music like TikTok, then who will sing for my generation?`.

An imperfect Adele at 30

Adele on the show One Night Only.

My Little Love can be said to be the song that attracts the most attention on the album because not only are the recordings filled with pain, but as Adele shared, the idea was also inspired by rapper Tyler, the Creature;

Meanwhile, upbeat songs like Can I Get It, Cry My Heart Out and Oh My God are extremely complexly produced.

Still limited

However, it can also be seen that, compared to previous albums, 30 is more picky about listeners and its success is… more modest.

Meanwhile, upbeat songs are quite normal.

An imperfect Adele at 30

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However, in general, at 30, Adele has been herself, writing a healing story for herself but also for those souls who are still grieving.

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