Love – The treasure of our life

Love - The treasure of our life 2

“Precios” in Old French, “pretiosus” or “pretium” in Latin, has an etymology close to “price”, all of which refer to something of great value, expensive and rare.

That’s why we chose My Precious as the theme for this month’s issue to honor the love and beloved of our lives.

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However, when talking about love, we easily impose naive and simple images on the thoughts of others.

Love - The treasure of our life


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For blogger Ha Truc, those are notebooks, where she can be herself, not covering up, not hiding.

Love - The treasure of our life

Photo: Pexels/Cottonbro Studio

In Emergency Contact, Mary H.K.

The things that are precious to each person’s life may not be the whole of who we are, not the things we expose to the outside, but will certainly be the things that shape us and the path we take, even keeping us alive.

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