The newest interior products!

The newest interior products! 0

Wallpaper by artists

No longer a new product, but never forgotten, Taylor & Wood’s Frames Wallpaper collection has just added some new colors to celebrate its 10th anniversary.

The newest interior products!

Kimu Studio

The idea of The New Old Lights is the movement between East and West, both geographically and culturally.

The newest interior products!

Simple like Stadio

With a 16° tilted lamp, it creates the most reasonable amount of light when used, suitable for many purposes.

The newest interior products!

Knot Lamp by Santiago Sevillano

Industrial design studio Santiago Sevillano has developed the Knot lamp – a perfect futuristic style and a pioneer for public spaces.

The newest interior products!

“Aria & Avia”

This is truly a mesmerizing lighting work!

The newest interior products!

Alba Bulb

There are many brands launching touch lamp products.

Medusae Collection by Roxy Russell Design

The Medusae collection conquers audiences with the graceful beauty of the sea.

Grow up with you

When your child starts school, the most necessary thing is a desk for him or her to do homework.

Green River

Greg Klassen, a woodworking artist living in Washington, USA, impressed the interior design world when he realized the shaping ability of raw wood trees, before they are cut.

customer’s home.

Modern working corner

The desk called Ring Desk by Codalangi Design Studio has a quite unique design: The lamp is fixed to the wood, forming a solid block with a modern shape.

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