Successful women and how to balance life

Successful women and how to balance life 0

Ms. Hong Minh has always been a successful woman in her career

Ms. Do Hong Minh, Director of Communications and Marketing (TTTT) of JW Marriot Hanoi Hotel is a successful woman at work.

Putting aside work for a day, how do you spend time for yourself?

My day is quite stressful and busy, so when I return to my personal time, I have to try to complete each task one by one so as not to leave a growing void.

I know she is also a member of a very famous volunteer group in Hanoi…

That’s right.

What are the ways to give love to your little daughter?

The nature of my job is busy and always on the move, so Tra My is also quite disadvantaged compared to her friends when her mother cannot be with her every evening.

Have you ever been influenced by work in your life?

There are also many times a year, due to the pressure and huge workload, accompanied by business trips at home and abroad, in addition to the need to take care of my daughter and family every day, it makes me suffocate and feel overwhelmed.

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