New York City: Dreams come true

New York City: Dreams come true 0

Among the cities I’ve been to, there are places that are cleaner, more beautiful, and more interesting than New York.

New York City: Dreams come true

Street art has become the breath of New Yorkers.

As someone who has chronic difficulty sleeping, whether I’m at home or away, sometimes I still have to toss and turn for a while to fall asleep.

New York City: Dreams come true

Five Pointz – a graffiti area for street artists left me ecstatic and amazed

There is no other choice for a fun-loving person, because the city is too large, there are too many cultural and artistic activities, and the tourist attractions are scattered throughout the four main districts, not just concentrated.

With New York City, I have so many good memories, and it’s hard to rank which experience is more enjoyable than the other.

New York City: Dreams come true

The Brooklyn Bridge has become the setting of many fantasy films

There are elderly people walking to exercise, couples holding hands and teasing each other, and even parents pushing strollers to take their children out on the street with them.

New York City: Dreams come true

Skyscrapers built in the 1920s (and more will continue to be built) are a specialty of New York City.

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