Coloring books for adults: Not just a trend

Coloring books for adults: Not just a trend 0

Coloring books allow amateur authors to create works in many different ways

If you happen to visit any bookstore, from Hanoi, Saigon to cities in Asia and Europe, you will see coloring books for adults displayed in the most prominent corners.

Vietnamese publishers of course do not miss this trend.

Coloring books for adults: Not just a trend

Johanna Basford’s Secret Garden

Explaining why coloring books have become such a big phenomenon, points out three things this type of book brings to adults:

Relieve stress

Most people have a stressful, busy life and don’t have much time for activities to find peace of mind.

Return to childhood

Adults live in a complex world, and therefore, they are increasingly interested in products that help them return to their innocent and carefree childhood.

Coloring books for adults: Not just a trend

Kingdom of creatures Millie Marotta

Escape from the world of technology

The work of urban people today is closely tied to looking at screens, from computers, tablets, phones, televisions… Most of their on-site entertainment activities are also associated with those screens.

However, actually a coloring book not only brings such values but also has another power, making even people who are not busy and not attached to the computer screen fascinated.

Evoke the hidden artist

We often think that only gifted people can be creative.

Adult coloring books have more complex patterns and more details than children’s books, requiring greater concentration.

The coloring book trend is clear proof that books will always find a place in the digital age.

Coloring books for adults: Not just a trend

Valentina Harper’s brilliant miniature universe

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