Bradley Cooper and his Hollywood dream

Bradley Cooper and his Hollywood dream 3

The road to conquering dreams

Bradley Cooper was born in Philadelphia into a family with a business tradition.

2009 can be considered a turning point in Bradley’s career.

Bradley Cooper in the movie The Hangover

Seize the opportunity and make a breakthrough

In The A-Team (2010), Bradley plays `Faceman` – a person in charge of┬ábringing a seductive appearance to lure girls to `serve` for his team.

That must be the reason he accepted the role of Eddie Morra in Limitless (2011).

Bradley Cooper and his Hollywood dream


Bradley Cooper and his Hollywood dream

The A-Team

Bradley showed his affinity for the role of a writer when he continued to participate in The Words in the same year.

2012 became the most memorable year in his career

Bradley when he earned an Oscar nomination for his role as Pat in the film

Silver Linings Playbook.

Elegantly, he plays a husband with bipolar disorder

He had to spend eight months in a mental hospital and was abandoned by his wife.

even though she was not as lucky as the female co-star to receive the Oscar statuette

career Jennifer Lawrence but Bradley won one

precious golden statue in the hearts of the public with no effort

stop to prove yourself.

Looking back at Bradley’s labor achievements, people can easily think of the immortal statement of actress Marilyn Monroe: `Someone once asked me: If 50% of Hollywood experts rated her as incompetent and should

Bradley Cooper and his Hollywood dream

Silver Linings Playbook

Every woman’s man

His impressive appearance is a perfect blend of American, Italian and Irish bloodlines.

Talking about him, it’s hard to choose any more suitable words than `perfect`.

Admitting the mistakes of his youth and using them as motivation to strive harder in his career, Bradley makes others unable to help but admire him.

Bradley Cooper and his Hollywood dream

American Hustle, the film marked the next step in Bradley’s career with an Oscar nomination for him.

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