Dream-like wedding photos of Vietnamese stars

Dream-like wedding photos of Vietnamese stars 0

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The most romantic weddings of Chinese stars

When it comes to `star weddings`, what interests the public the most is the wedding photos.

Tang Thanh Ha and Louis Nguyen

Dream-like wedding photos of Vietnamese stars

Photo: @hatangthanh

It would be a mistake if this list lacked the couple `Jade Lady` Tang Thanh Ha and young master Louis Nguyen.

Le Thuy and Khai An

Dream-like wedding photos of Vietnamese stars

Photo: Milor Tran

Referring to the most beautiful and admired wedding photos of 2015, it is impossible not to mention the romantic photos with beautiful scenery of supermodel Le Thuy and her boyfriend Viet Kieu Khai An.

Tu Vi and Van Anh

Dream-like wedding photos of Vietnamese stars

Tu Vi exudes elegance in a wedding dress by designer Chung Thanh Phong (Photo: Tee Le)

Tu Vi & Van Anh are one of the couples most loved by the public because of their cuteness and simplicity.

Dream-like wedding photos of Vietnamese stars

Van Anh is elegant in a luxurious dark gray tuxedo (Photo: Tee Le)

Dream-like wedding photos of Vietnamese stars

A mischievous moment between the two (Photo: Tee Le)

Truc Diem and John Tu

The couple is filled with happiness under the sunset (Photo: Tang Tang)

Poetic and romantic are the two most accurate adjectives used to describe the wedding images of the couple Truc Diem – John Tu.

Truc Diem also chose a gorgeous wedding outfit by designer Chung Thanh Phong for her wedding photos.

Tam Tit and Chu Ngoc Thanh

Tam Tit in costume designed by designer Kevin Cao (Photo: Facebook)

Even though she received a lot of public attention, Tam Tit did not publicize her wedding photos.

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Impressive wedding dresses of world stars in 2013

Adrian Anh Tuan and Son Doan

The two chose to do a simple and intimate photo shoot (Photo: Tang Tang)

It must be said that 2015 was a year full of happiness as stars one after another held their weddings.

The couple exchanged emotional hugs (Photo: Tang Tang)

There is no denying the beauty of both of them (Photo: Tang Tang)

Tran Thanh & Hari Won

Still white, still ao dai, but the two brought a `fairy tale` wedding photo in the setting of an ancient castle in Paris.

As one of the most attention-grabbing couples ever, Tran Thanh & Hari Won from the first days of dating have faced opposition from fans, but over the years, the two have proven

And of course humor is indispensable.

The two posed at the merry-go-round opposite the romantic Eiffel Tower.

Phuong Vy & Sean Trace

In the photos taken by photographer Thao Ngo, singer Phuong Vy and the man of her life smile brightly.

She romantically wrote, `When I see you, my worries tremble and die – When I see you, the fire of extravagance goes out.`

He frankly expressed his love: `Getting married.

Luong The Thanh and Thuy Diem

The black and white photo set is made in the style of old cinema.

The `fairy and pearl` couple of Vietnamese cinema invested heavily in their wedding photos when they both decided to take three sets in three different locations.

The two beamed hand in hand under the beautiful natural scenery of Da Nang.

The couple chose a romantic moment on a beach in the US.

Dang Thu Thao and Trung Tin

Wedding photos were chosen in a gentle and sophisticated style (Photo: Le Thien Vien)

Most recently, the grand wedding of Miss Dang Thu Thao and businessman Trung Tin took place, receiving many blessings and compliments from many fans.

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