Beauty secrets of Jennifer Pham

Beauty secrets of Jennifer Pham 6

After giving birth to her second baby, she returned to work with the figure of a `young girl`.

I don’t abstain too much, but spend time going to the gym with the support of a professional trainer.

Does beautifying yourself right in a crisis make women brighter inside, or is it just a way to express it on the outside?

In some ways, makeup is just a surface expression, because we still value the core as a fresh soul.

Most of my close friends are not people in showbiz.

On the contrary, I also learned from my friends how to apply makeup to overcome my weakness of covering up eye bags, or update new lipstick colors to suit my skin tone.

Jennifer Pham’s relaxing moment

Beauty secrets of Jennifer Pham

Jennifer Pham’s beauty product set


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Interview by Jennifer Pham: The core is a fresh soul

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