The fish climbing the tree – Test and life’s message

The fish climbing the tree - Test and life's message 0

The fish climbing the tree – Test and life’s message

“If you judge a fish by its ability to climb a tree, (that fish) will spend its whole life thinking that it is stupid.”

Tests and messages of life

I observed the fish’s lying position with a camera, along with making hypotheses: One is that the fish was washed ashore by ocean waves.

For others, assumptions 1 and 2 may sound realistic and most likely to happen.

There are two types of women: One type likes to live as a test, the other type is often afraid to try.

In life, opportunities easily lead to many tangible tests, perhaps in work and career.

If you realize you’re having serious problems with your current job, ask questions.

I like the question: “Why?”.

I’m quite jealous of people who always have to work hard, busy and even work to the point of exhaustion for the things they love.

They understand their passion so much that they see every obstacle as a source of motivation.

Time is a relative category, to put it a little dramatically, it is like an overcoming (*), an overcoming of one’s own `test` to the end.

What is overcoming to the end?

The way it lies with its belly up next to the beach makes you see that its life is over.

(*) Overcoming: In the meaning of the Christian Bible about the Passion of Jesus Christ, suffering, dying and resurrecting in triumph, in a new spirit and a new person.

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