[ELLE Voice] Small farm and lasting trust

[ELLE Voice] Small farm and lasting trust 3

We not only live on food, but also on air and safe water.

During my days in America, I was fortunate to be able to eat `home` eggs instead of supermarket eggs.

Because of these experiences, I understand the difficulties of farmers around the world.

Therefore, I chose to join the CSA program or the full name is Community Supported Agriculture.

However, despite its ideal operating principle, CSA also has its challenges.

[ELLE Voice] Small farm and lasting trust

In the harsh battle with food corporations, CSA is one of the few ways to help farmers with small-scale farms survive, preserve local seeds, and follow a natural agricultural model.

When participating in this program, I realized that the environment, people, and economy have never been separate from each other.

When I returned to Vietnam, I was happy to realize that many of my friends were also implementing a similar model, albeit spontaneously.

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